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If you've read my newsletters or emails in the past year, you know I sign most "With joy and ease, Debra". When I write "with joy and ease", am I trying to convey to you that I'mconstantly joyous and everything in my life is a cinch? (In other words, am I LYING?) Certainly not.

Eat spicy food. Cayenne pepper, curry, hot sauce and other spicy foods can help clear up your sinusitis symptoms. If you don't like eating spicy foods, even smelling spicy foodcan help.

So, I gave up. Well, I did not completely give up obviously or I would not have a 6 year old and a little girl who turns 5 next month. I stopped charting, didn't buy OPKs orsticks for the fertility monitor, and tried to focus entirely on body signs. Giving up the OPKs was difficult as I was somewhat addicted to peeing on a stick. I changed my focusand began using pregnancy tests instead. Well, sort of. My only positive pregnancy tests were known after the doctor tested me and I did not expect them. I then went to the storeand bought ten of my own each time. I even still have them!

Before we go any further, I want to make it very clear, I do not recommend putting cayenne pepper up your nose as some have suggested in the list! The side effects will far outway the benefits.

Grapefruit seed extract: You can use grapefruit seed extracts as drops into your nose to get rid of a sinus infection naturally. The drops are preferable to ingestion because thetaste of the seed extract can be very much terrible. Never ever take the medication empty stomach.

Sleeping with an open mouth can cause the nasal passages and throat to vibrate. Snoring sounds occurs as air escapes this vibration. For this there is a chin snoring strap thatholds the jaw in a slightly forward position. It is noteworthy that the nasal air passage should be clear for proper breathing in this case.

It does not matter if you have and acute or chronic sinus infection these remedies for sinus infection have been tested and proven to help with both forms of infection.If you cherished this article and also you would like to acquire more info concerning <a href="">http://causesofsinusinfection.Com</a> i imploreyou to visit the web page.

 They will help to treat your sinus infection and you will never have to take a single antibiotic or go threw surgery.